July 29th 2011


It celebrity porn fakes is with a heavy heart I heard the news today that a former guest Dr. Brian O'Leary has passed away, Brian was a tireless crusader for the Free Energy movement and spent decades scaling the walls of the free energy paradigm, I was just the previous night working with a close friend of Brian to get him supplies of a treatment for his illness.

Our Interview with Brian is here: Dr Brian O’Leary – Free Energy
Dr Brian O’Leary promoted a joint manned mission to Mars between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. Dr Brian O’Leary twice traveled to the Soviet Union in the late 1980s to promote the peaceful exploration of space.  Brian participated in a peace cruise along the Dnieper River in the Ukraine and with the first fellow Westerners to visit the area in decades.

Dr. hentai porn Brian O’Leary was still very much active in trying to awaken as many people as possible about alternate sources of free energy as well as speaking out against man’s unnecessary negative impact on the planet.

Brian's celebrity sextapes tireless efforts in Ecuador were to keep out the multinational mining, oil and water companies
and cartoon porn videos to develop truly sustainable innovations there. I am hopeful others will continue in that effort.

Much Milf Porn Love on your Journey Brian, your lessons will live on.

Scott Jordan
Host - Spectrum Radio Network

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