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Global history will be made on Friday 20th April 2012, at 11am in Braamfontein, Johannesburg when Michael Tellinger will deliver his petition regarding the unscrupulous activity of the banks, particularly Standard Bank, to the Constitutional Court.

Michael naked milfs Tellinger will also serve the NOTICE OF MOTION on the RESERVE BANK and the MINISTER OF FINANCE on the same day.

There is hardly any South African who has not been harmed in some way by the actions of the banks. For too long have banking giants been unassailable and untouchable by the common man.

This is an historic event in South Africa and the rest of the world where for the first time a layperson has been given direct access to petition the Constitutional Court regarding the devious activities of the banks. The people of South Africa and members of the media are invited to report on this historic event.

This case may have started as a matter of principle for Michael Tellinger against STD Bank, but it has escalated to such a degree that every South African and everyone in the world could be affected, because a positive outcome will result in a major public policy shift and the changing of the laws that govern the banks.

Tellinger will argue that the lack of control and intervention by the MINISTER OF FINANCE has allowed the banks and the RESERVE BANK to do as they please with impunity and without recourse by the citizens, and in the process have enslaved millions of honest, hard-working South Africans to a life of misery and debt through a the banks’ malicious activities.

This historic landmark case will attempt to redress the imbalance that has taken place for centuries by the few that have been called the banking elite. The Constitutional Court is the highest court on constitutional matters, its very foundation being the protector of human rights and democracy.

The Court is mandated to bring legislation in par with the constitutional framework principles and to develop common law principles. The legacy follows that of Nelson Mandela’s vision, that no matter who or what you represent, equality, justice and the people’s voice shall be harmonised before an independent, unbiased judicial system founded on the principles of rights enshrined in the Constitution.

This toon porn case will be a challenge for the Constitutional Court, and we trust that it will make its findings proper, considering all the facts to redress the laws and do whatever it needs to do, to redress the hardship of the people caused by financial abuse, and to harmonise the future of financial entities.

But this case will also need the moral support of as many people as possible in support of Tellinger's appeal. So that it truly represents millions of honest, hardworking and trusting citizens who have been unable to do so for themselves, continuously being frustrated by the invisible protective legal shield around the banks, and the legal system that seems to support the banks.

“Many nude celebrities people carry severe personal grudges against the banks that have done them financial harm, but most people are completely oblivious to how they have been conned and deceived by their banks about money and how it is created” Said Tellinger.

“But once they find out the terrible truth about how banks really operate and how they use our signature to profiteer on us, and how they make money out of thin air, they will be very angry and realise how important this action against the banks is” he added.

Tellinger Lesbian Porn urges each and every South African to read as much about this case as possible to inform themselves and to join the petition of signatures that will represent the rest of the people. Please go to and sign the petition page.

Michael Tellinger will address members of the media and the public who are present on the steps of the Constitutional Court around 11am Friday 20th April 2012, immediately after the documents 3d hentai have been delivered on the Constitutional Court.

Details of the hearing will follow as soon as we have been allocated a date by the court. We will keep everyone informed on the above website .

For nude celebrities more information contact Michael Tellinger at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thank you for your time and effort to report on this historical event.


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