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February 15th 2012


Richard Dolan joined the show and spoke about his book A.D After Discloser as well as a breakaway civilization. Richard went on to say that he does not hold to the theory that all unidentified flying objects are human made objects. Richard also spoke about possible objects on the moon.

Richard spoke about the secret space program as a set of projects that got away from governmental control and the corporate groups working with the technology have broken away from the technical progression that is happening across the planet in the mainstream corporate and university level of discovery. Simply put a breakaway civilization is so far above the rest of the planet that they have little in common with the rest of humanity.

Richard also spoke about his own 2 UFO sightings and how he felt the sighting itself was “for him”, this has been described by other UFO witness’s.

We also spoke about the long history of UFO’s in cave drawings & early paintings all over the world as well as ancient stories about the “Gods” who came from the stars, again from cultures all over the world.

Richard is a very good researcher and a great speaker on the subject of UFO’s.

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