March gay hentai 30th 2011


Michael Tsarion joined us on the show and spoke about how he started doing research at an early age by seeing the recurring symbol’s in milf video magazines, television, movies & the music industry. He eventually went on to see the same symbolism in architecture everywhere.  Michael spent years in deep research, building up a collection of rare books. Michael also talks about being inspired by Joseph Campbell and incorporated Joseph’s TV interview series style into the making of his Origins & Oracles series.

Michael nude celebrities spoke about his interest in ancient megalithic structures and his views on Atlantis being in the Atlantic as well as it possibly being a lot older than people think. We spoke about ancient upheavals that lasted upwards to 7000 years and how that connects to the cyclical catastrophic events happening all through earth’s history. Michael spoke about the suppression of information in history and the age of manipulation and secret societies and the hidden matrix of control.

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