February 8th 2012


Dr. Peter Glidden was once again on our show as a follow up. This time we examined the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the mental health field. We also addressed mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, Attention porn cartoon Deficit disorder, schizophrenia and the like.

With his usual brilliant charisma and analogies, Dr. Glidden painted a detailed picture for the average person like myself to understand, which I very much appreciated. Sadly, it's a rather grim picture because it still utilizes allopathic medicine as opposed to holistic medicine. And it's the same in mental health as it is with treating the body. These conditions would benefit much more from natural holistic treatment stressing nutrition, minerals, etc than the heavy, toxin riddled (yes, I said it and I will take responsibility for it. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) prescription drugs.

Dr. celebrity sextapes Glidden provided some horrific examples as he led us through a cards on the table description of the profit-driven allopathic reductionist methods used to treat patients and I can tell you, some of those stories and facts had my blood run cold.

Once celebrity porn tube again, this is a must listen to show. Find out the difference between "health care" and "disease management".

Do Asian Porn the homework, do the research and feel better. Literally.

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