December 28th 2011


Dannion Brinkley joined the show on Tuesday, December 27 and what a show it w celebrity sex tapes as.  With eloquence and humour, Dannion painted a soothing picture of how it is not only possible, but logical to live without fear of what society in whole has been conditioned to think of as the state of “death”.   And this man knows what he is talking about.

Dannion celebrity porn video spoke lovingly of his journey and subsequent path of helping Veterans as they lay ill or near their transition; which he has given thirty years of his love and dedication to.  As a former Marine, he knows what it is like in this way of life.

On a lighter note, Dannion’s quick wit poured through on other topics, such as UFO’s and I still crack up when I think of him stating that the only reason he would want to see a space ship would be so they could stop and let him drive it.  (He is an avid Nascar fan.)

It was fascinating to hear the pure logic and common sense however, when Dannion did the scientific math and pointed out just how vast our universe is and touched deeply on not only the impossibility of us being “alone out there” in regard to other life, but his own personal experience and what he saw and learned.

This celebrity sextapes is a must see (or listen as the case may be) show.  If anyone has ever harboured even an inkling of doubt or fear regarding “what happens next”  the beauty and inspiration of Dannion’s words will soon put that to rest once and for all.

The celeb sex tapes hair is still standing up on my arms.

Oh, and yeah, I’m still having a right chuckle, too.

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