December sexy milfs 21st 2011


Santos Bonacci joined the show and spoke about Law, Religion & Science, Santos has had a life long interest in freedom. Santos spent many years as a jahovah's witness and eventually figured out that it was just a corporate manipulation program.Santos read a book lesbian hentai called "Secrets of the lost races that opened his eyes to a wider understanding about how previous civilizations were more advanced than what Romes conscientious view of history teaches the mass's.Santos then realized there were great scientific mind out in the world thinking beyond the mainstream viewpoint.

Santos spoke about the corruption within Religion and how he has been following Kevin Annett's research about the killing of Native Canadian children in history.
Santos told us about how countries are corporations and how secret societies and Cumshots the Vatican have been working behind the scenes to control land and people.
Santos also spoke a great deal about astrotheology and how it naked celebrities relates to Religious stories, Santos also spoke about "The Roman Cult" and how that relates to the Court system.

Santos celebrity sex tapes spoke about how religiously trained people are also trained in law just as politicians are and how its mainly about the business of control.
This discussion is a must listen to program full of specific information.

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