Spectrum Radio Network SPECTRUM RADIO NETWORK http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/ Tue, 23 May 2017 06:50:21 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Event Security Guard Benefits http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/event-security-guard-benefits.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/event-security-guard-benefits.html Event Security Guard Teams Provide Superior Security Using an event security guard is an excellent way to keep your next special event safe. When you hire an event security guard, you are letting all of the guests at the event know that their safety and security is a priority. You also give the guests – and yourself – peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to worry about the safety or security of your event. Whenever you have a large number of people present in a single location, there is a possibility that there could be some sort of trouble. The likelihood of trouble increases in situations where alcohol is being served or at events that are open to the public (as opposed to private events.) An event security guard or security team can be effectively utilized at a concert, a wedding, a party, a sporting event or at a wide variety of other special events. Event security guard officers are experienced and very versatile, so they can work effectively in a number of different situations. This is just one of the many benefits of event security guard officers.

Using an Event Security Guard at your Next Event

An event security guard can be utilized in a number of different ways. For example, security guards can circulate through the crowd to ensure that nothing is being stolen or damaged. They can intervene in any physical altercations that may occur. They can scout the situation to ensure that everything is taking place in an orderly manner. An event security guard can even ensure that everyone who enters the venue or the event is allowed to be there. There are a number of ways that event security staff can work to make sure that your next event is orderly, safe and secure. Security guards can work events in either low-profile attire or in police-style tactile uniforms, depending on the nature of the event and the request of the host. Many event venues require the booking of event security guard officers. This is because they understand how incredibly useful and effective these guards can be. They know that, in order to run a safe and orderly event, event security guard officers are a must.]]>
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UFO's and a Breakaway Civilization http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/ufos-and-a-breakaway-civilization.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/ufos-and-a-breakaway-civilization.html February 15th 2012

Richard Dolan joined the show and spoke about his book A.D After Discloser as well as a breakaway civilization. Richard went on to say that he does not hold to the theory that all unidentified flying objects are human made objects. Richard also spoke about possible objects on the moon.

Richard spoke about the secret space program as a set of projects that got away from governmental control and the corporate groups working with the technology have broken away from the technical progression that is happening across the planet in the mainstream corporate and university level of discovery. Simply put a breakaway civilization is so far above the rest of the planet that they have little in common with the rest of humanity.

Richard also spoke about his own 2 UFO sightings and how he felt the sighting itself was “for him”, this has been described by other UFO witness’s.

We also spoke about the long history of UFO’s in cave drawings & early paintings all over the world as well as ancient stories about the “Gods” who came from the stars, again from cultures all over the world.

Richard is a very good researcher and a great speaker on the subject of UFO’s.

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Mental Healthcare Needs to Change http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/mental-healthcare-needs-to-change.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/mental-healthcare-needs-to-change.html February 8th 2012

Dr. Peter Glidden was once again on our show as a follow up. This time we examined the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the mental health field. We also addressed mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit disorder, schizophrenia and the like.

With his usual brilliant charisma and analogies, Dr. Glidden painted a detailed picture for the average person like myself to understand, which I very much appreciated. Sadly, it's a rather grim picture because it still utilizes allopathic medicine as opposed to holistic medicine. And it's the same in mental health as it is with treating the body. These conditions would benefit much more from natural holistic treatment stressing nutrition, minerals, etc than the heavy, toxin riddled (yes, I said it and I will take responsibility for it. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) prescription drugs.

Dr. Glidden provided some horrific examples as he led us through a cards on the table description of the profit-driven allopathic reductionist methods used to treat patients and I can tell you, some of those stories and facts had my blood run cold.

Once again, this is a must listen to show. Find out the difference between "health care" and "disease management".

Do the homework, do the research and feel better. Literally.

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Money Grows on the Tree of Knowledge http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/money-grows-on-the-tree-of-knowledge.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/money-grows-on-the-tree-of-knowledge.html January 11th 2012

Tracy Twyman joined the show and spoke about her new research project and book Money grows on the tree of knowledge. Tracy told us about her interest in the occult at an early age and how she realised how prominent people in history have been influenced by the occult. Tracy said she then started a magazine called dagobert's revenge talking about exploring the idea of “Da Vinci Code”.

Tracy spoke about the occult symbology that exists in religious rites as well as Crowley’s work. We then spoke about Joseph Campbell and his series on Mythology as well as Carl Jung and his books.

Tracy went into great detail about the history of money and how the Templers used a system of Chits (later became Cheques) for travelers so they did not have to carry amounts of coins from place to place.

She told us about the evolution of the monetary system from ancient times to today.

It was a fascinating discussion I would highly recommend getting Tracy’s new book.

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Lightning Strikes Twice http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/lightning-strikes-twice.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/lightning-strikes-twice.html December 28th 2011

Dannion Brinkley joined the show on Tuesday, December 27 and what a show it was.  With eloquence and humour, Dannion painted a soothing picture of how it is not only possible, but logical to live without fear of what society in whole has been conditioned to think of as the state of “death”.   And this man knows what he is talking about.

Dannion spoke lovingly of his journey and subsequent path of helping Veterans as they lay ill or near their transition; which he has given thirty years of his love and dedication to.  As a former Marine, he knows what it is like in this way of life.

On a lighter note, Dannion’s quick wit poured through on other topics, such as UFO’s and I still crack up when I think of him stating that the only reason he would want to see a space ship would be so they could stop and let him drive it.  (He is an avid Nascar fan.)

It was fascinating to hear the pure logic and common sense however, when Dannion did the scientific math and pointed out just how vast our universe is and touched deeply on not only the impossibility of us being “alone out there” in regard to other life, but his own personal experience and what he saw and learned.

This is a must see (or listen as the case may be) show.  If anyone has ever harboured even an inkling of doubt or fear regarding “what happens next”  the beauty and inspiration of Dannion’s words will soon put that to rest once and for all.

The hair is still standing up on my arms.

Oh, and yeah, I’m still having a right chuckle, too.

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Law Religion & Sciene Gone Wrong http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/law-religion-a-sciene-gone-wrong.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/law-religion-a-sciene-gone-wrong.html December 21st 2011

Santos Bonacci joined the show and spoke about Law, Religion & Science, Santos has had a life long interest in freedom. Santos spent many years as a jahovah's witness and eventually figured out that it was just a corporate manipulation program.Santos read a book called "Secrets of the lost races that opened his eyes to a wider understanding about how previous civilizations were more advanced than what Romes conscientious view of history teaches the mass's.Santos then realized there were great scientific mind out in the world thinking beyond the mainstream viewpoint.

Santos spoke about the corruption within Religion and how he has been following Kevin Annett's research about the killing of Native Canadian children in history.
Santos told us about how countries are corporations and how secret societies and the Vatican have been working behind the scenes to control land and people.
Santos also spoke a great deal about astrotheology and how it relates to Religious stories, Santos also spoke about "The Roman Cult" and how that relates to the Court system.

Santos spoke about how religiously trained people are also trained in law just as politicians are and how its mainly about the business of control.
This discussion is a must listen to program full of specific information.

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Spectrum Radio's 2011 Interviews http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/spectrum-radios-2011-interviews.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/spectrum-radios-2011-interviews.html December 21st 2011

Hello Listeners

We have finally completed a digital download of all of our 1st years shows.


All of our interviews in one easy download that can be loaded on your mp3 player.

Here is a complete list of our 1st years shows :)

 Instant Download

1. Chris Rutkowski - Canadian UFO Report

2. Craig Farraway - CraigTube - Home Brewing

3. Andrew D.  Basiago - Teleportation & Time Travel

4. Lloyd Pye - Human Origins & Starchild Skull

5. Alan Steinfeld - Reflections in New Realities

6. Bill Ryan - Project Avalon Live Conference

7. Ben Stewart - The Hanged Man Project

8. Dan Winter - Fractal Field Technologies

9. George Steinfeld - Spiritual Psychology

10. Errol Bruce Knapp - Pirate Radio - The Real Story

11. Vincent Bridges - Shakespeare, Rudolphine Prague and the Hermetic Revolution

12. Craig Farraway - CraigTube - Home Brewing Q & A

13. Stoyan Sarg - UFO Propulsion Technology

14. Carol Rainey - The Co-Creation Of The Abduction Phenomenon

15. Doug & Don Newsom - The BBS Radio Guys

16. Wade Frazier - The Free Energy Paradigm

17. Victor Viggiani - UFO Disclosure & Exopolitics

18. Elaine Douglas - The re-formation of MUFON

19. James Gilliland - Japan Earthquake - ECETI and UFO Contact

20. Michael Tsarion - Symbol Literacy and the Age of Manipulation

21. Peggy Kelly-Davies - Practical Hypnosis

22. Frank Znidarsic - Today's Cold Fusion Research

23. Dr.  Nick Begich - HAARP - Mind Control & Weather Manipulation

24. Dr.  Brian O'Leary - Free Energy

25. Wade Frazier - 2nd Interview Free Energy Inventors

26. Vincent Bridges - The Alchemists Tower

27. Mary Tocco - The Danger of Vaccines

28. Aaron Franz - Eugenics & Transhumanism

29. Jeane Manning - Breakthrough Power

30. Dr.  Tyler Kokjohn - Alzheimer’s – Past Present & Future

31. Peter Turrell - Nuclear Catastrophe & Alternative Energy Solutions

32. Michael Tellinger - Hidden Human History & Reclaiming Ancient Wisdom

33. Jason Gregory - Way of the Weirdo

34. Stephen Bassett - World Disclosure Day

35. Michael Cremo - Human History & The Forbidden Archeologist

36. Frank Huguenard - Beyond Belief & Beyond Me

37. Dee Wallace - Bright Light - Spiritual Lessons

38. Mike Bara - The Choice - Conscious Thought & Physics

39. Bill Chastain - APeX - Revolutionary Cancer Treatment Program

40. Klaus Dona - Bosnian Pyramid – Ancient Aliens & Giants

41. Dr.  Peter Glidden - The Myth of MD Directed Medicine

42. Stephen Sakellarios - Reincarnation Research

43. John Lear - The Sun, The Moon, and The Stars

44. Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy - Part 1

45. Adam Trombly - Thrive Movie - Starchild Program - Zero Point Energy - Part 2

46. Ben Stewart & Rob in the Pagé Family - UNGRIP - Impact & Timing – Sovereignty

47. Lloyd Pye - Intervention Theory Essentials - Human Origins

48. William Bramley - The Gods of Eden - Extraterrestrial Infiltration

49. Mack Maloney - UFOs in Wartime – What They Didn’t Want You To Know

50. Kevin Annett - Hidden From History - The Canadian Holocaust (live in person)

51. Foster Gamble - Thrive - What Would It Be Like

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Thrive Documentary - Good News - Bad News http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/thrive-documentary-good-news-bad-news.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/thrive-documentary-good-news-bad-news.html December 14th 2011

Foster Gamble joined the show and spoke about his new documentary THRIVE, Foster spoke about one of his concerns was putting so much information in a short amount of time and still connect all the dots that needed to be connected. Foster felt that Thrive needed to be a comprehensive documentary.

Foster also spoke about his early childhood reflections that led him to look at the world in the way Thrive describes. Foster spoke about the people in his life that he has met all over the world that influenced his thinking and inspiring him to ask the difficult questions.

Foster spoke about the vector equilibrium and how Buckminster Fuller spoke about it and inspired Foster to look deeply into it and include it within the Thrive documentary. In Foster's quest to find this fundamental energy pattern of the Universe he helped form a group called "The Sequoia Symposium" as a think tank comprised of about 35 scientists and researchers from around the world who met several times a year for the next 3 years to discuss this fundamental energy pattern of the universe as well as many other subjects.

Foster told us about meeting & funding free energy inventors and projects, he spoke about how virtually every lab he visited has been raided and shut down "the powers that be", the technology stolen and the inventors issued gag orders, Foster spoke about how 3000 - 5000 energy device patent applications have been confiscated and gag ordered.

Foster spoke about the occupy movement and how Thrive is being shown in the media tents all over the country.

Foster also spoke about the monetary system, the political system and the medical industry, it was a very in-depth discussion and I highly recommend watching the documentary THRIVE.

spectrumradionetwork@gmail.com (Scott Jordan) Blog Tue, 20 Dec 2011 00:14:16 +0000
Crimes Against Humanity http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/crimes-against-humanity.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/crimes-against-humanity.html November 22 2011

Kevin Annett was in Brantford Ontario Canada helping the native Indians who lived there with efforts to excavate bodies of native children.  Spectrum Radio Network did things a bit different this interview and decided to drive out there and do an in person video interview.

It worked out very well, Kevin told us about the atrocities that have happened in the past to natives in the area as children and how they were denied their language & culture while being held in church schools, he went on to say there are many eye witness accounts of rape and murder at these schools which he referred to as internment camps for the Indians.

Kevin told us about how this outcry for justice is spreading all throughout the world and the demonstrations at the Vatican the last several years are growing exponentially as word gets out about the criminal behavior by the church against indigenous cultures all over the world.

We also spoke about how the “System” is broken, the world is upside down and human consciousness is in the dry heaving stage trying to expel something imposed on it that just does not belong. We also made the connection to the Occupy movement and how this is an outward manifestation of a Planetary/Human consciousness reacting to the “system” that is restricting its growth.

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UFO's & Military Conflict http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/ufos-a-military-conflict.html http://spectrumradionetwork.com/Blog/ufos-a-military-conflict.html November 16th 2011

Mack Maloney joined the show and spoke about his new book “UFO’s in Wartime - What They Didn’t Want You to Know” about UFO’s in connection to Wars in history, there does seem to be a connection with UFO sightings and armed conflicts.

Mack told us stories about UFO sightings dating back to 1909. He told us about a little known story about when the Red Baron shot down a UFO. Mack also mentions stories about MIB’s (Men in Black) going all the way back to the early 1900s.

Mack Maloney managed to gather obscure never before heard of UFO stories as well as some old favorites. One interesting thing about Mack Maloney brings to the UFO table is his knowledge of military history and gives detailed opinions as to why the military’s explanations for the sightings just do not make sense.

The stories were fascinating and this interview is a must listen for anyone interested in the subject of UFO’s.

In the beginning of the show we also have a special appearance by Stephen Bassett to get his response to the response of the Whitehouse to the UFO discloser petition.

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