August hentai sex 24th 2011


Bill Chastain the Director of the APeX Inst milfporn itute joined the show last night and spoke about a revolutionary cancer treatment called APeX. Bill spoke about how he discovered APeX back many years ago when it was just called “stuff” and some Boeing engineers were using this “stuff” as a water purification and when they used it in a hot tub and there was some anecdotal observations of skin cancer clearing up, so it was then taken internally and more health benefits were observed. Bill talked about how APeX was then used as part of a Cancer study; people with cancer would send their medical records to APeX Institute while taking APeX daily and follow-up medical records would also be provided as time went on.

Bill naked celebrities spoke about the high cost of Cancer treatments including chemotherapy as well as operations. Over a 5 year study with APeX being taken internally by people with cancer there has been a large amount of data collected APeX institute showing positive results.

Bill celebrity sextapes also spoke about how a world famous scientist wrote a paper about how ApeX works and has been termed as a Silver/Oxygen Nano-Cluster and how it looks to be acting as an intelligent nano-cluster hunter/killer towards cancer cells.

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