November Interracial Porn 2nd 2011


Lloyd Pye joined us and spoke about his new E-book “Intervention Theory Essentials” that has just been released. Lloyd’s new book covers a long term view from cosmology to nude celebrities the appearance of life on Earth to the present circumstances of life on Earth now. Lloyd’s new book is a radical look at how all life has been placed on earth by galactic terraformers from the very beginning of life on earth.

Lloyd celebrities sex videos told us about his research into hominoids creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc., found all over the world. He eventually found and read a book by Zecharia Sitchin “The 12th Planet” and made the connection between the hominoids and the Annunaki in Sumerian texts. Lloyd thought that the Annunaki actually genetically manipulated the hominoids with the addition of their own alien DNA to create the current version of Humility version 1.0.

Lloyd naked celebrities Pye is also known for his entertaining speaking style and amusing "Southernisms." His books include Everything you know is WrongStarchild Skull Essentials celebrity porn and the newly released Intervention Theory Essentials.

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