March 2nd 2011


Victor Viggiani was on the show and spoke about how he got involved in UFO research by reading a book by Jacques Vallee and eventually met Tom Theofanous and Errol Bruce Knapp and attending meetings at MUFON Ontario. Victor eventually moved into the area of exopolitics and why the governments of the world suppressed UFO information. Victor established zland communications that sends out press releases about the UFO discloser movement to 1400 news outlets. Victor has worked with Richard Syrett on the conspiracy show. Victor spoke...


February celebrity sextapes 23rd 2011

Wade Frazier joined us and spoke about his involvement in the free energy field for many years, starting with his involvement in his teenage years with a friend who designed what was considered “The best engine”.

Early on he got involved with Dennis Lee working on a Heat pump that would save 80% of the operating cost. Dennis & Wade then got involved in a free energy project that went extremely well  until the Department of Energy got involved and raided their  offices and stole all of their work.

During Wade’s time involved in trying to scale the ramparts of the free energy paradigm was a big lesson on how the world controllers manipulate the awareness of the masses about technologies that have existed for decades.

February 16th 2011

Doug & Don Newsom the creators of BBSRadio joined us last night and talked about how one of the first and largest Internet radio stations with multiple Hosts was created.  BBSRadio started as an emotional reaction to mainstream media and its inability to tell the truth or do any real reporting. Don started posting his political views on a Blog and eventually decided to start his own form of alternative media.

His black milf brother Doug while in the middle of a Kundalini experience Joined Don to help him run BBSRadio.

BBSRadio became a remotely engineered talk radio station with 2 stations with over 50 hosts and one 24hr 7 day a week commercial free music channel that produces over 100 shows a week. They are building a new format that will revolutionize Internet Talk radio.

Febuary 9th 2011

Last naked celebrities night we had 2 special guests, Carol Rainey and Dr Tyler Kokjohn who joined us on the show to talk about the history of Abduction Research and how an abduction case celebrity sex videos has been handled from the early days and how it evolved over time. Carol is the ex-wife of abduction researcher Budd Hopkins and spoke about the lack of ethical treatment with the people involved the abduction cases.

Dr. cartoon porn Tyler Kokjohn spoke about how the science of Biochemistry can be extremely helpful in helping to get answers from people who claim to be abducted by aliens. We also talked about how mainstream academia doesn’t involve itself in UFO’s or abduction research in America.

Febuary real celebrity porn 2nd 2011

Stoyan Sarg joined us last night (actually it was a pre-recorded show but let’s not be picky) and spoke about his work over the years in Physics. He shared his views on gravity as it applies to UFO propulsion systems and why UFOs seem to shimmer and change color while in earth’s atmosphere. We also spoke about why the scientific community regards the topic of UFOs and how original skeptical views are changing.

We had a very interesting discussion about Space and the Universe and the possibility that theoretical hypothesis’s like expanding universe and the big bang are not conclusions. We also covered the older theory of Aether and what Stoyan’s experiments have attempted to show.

January 26th 2011

Craig Farraway joined us again last night for a laid back evening of conversation about home brewing. Craig took live calls into the show and answered home brewing questions from listeners & Subscribers of his YouTube channel where he teaches people about how to Home Brew. We also celebrity sex videos talked about his music career and even played some of Craig’s original songs on the radio. Craig spoke about his early years of composing music at the age of 13 that eventually lead up to a song he wrote and performed for a Album dedicated to the Olympic games. We then had a very interesting discussion about the recording industry.

It was a very enjoyable evening with lots of interesting discussions.

January 19th 2011

Vincent Bridges was on the show live last night and spoke about Shakespeare, John Dee, as well as Edward Kelly and The Enochian alphabet as the language of the Angels. Vincent told us all about and the alchemical and hermetic history of Prague.

We 3d hentai covered many subjects including the Brothers of the Garland and its connection to the Rosicrucian’s as well as Templers. We also covered some translations done in regards to Enochian Information that points 400 years in the future as in our time period we are living in right now!

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