April 13th 2011


Frank Znidarsic joined us and spoke about today’s cold fusion research and new sources of energy. Frank told us about the history of Cold fusion and reports of it in the 1920s, later on a big discovery was made by Pons and Fleischman, the only problem was replication and other researchers not following the protocol. Frank told us that he got involved in the research around the time James Patterson was demonstrating his research in free energy technologies. Frank noticed that similar traits in the technology kept turning up in all the...


April 06 2011

Peggy Kelly-Davies joined the show and spoke about Hypnosis and how everyone flips between the conscious and subconscious all the time. Peggy spoke how anyone who wants to be hypnotized and can follow instructions can be hypnotized to help them with any issues they want to deal with. Peggy mentioned that one of the purposes for the subconscious mind is to make us feel safe and happy so with hypnosis you can change the feeling of happiness associated with smoking or overeating to something else more beneficial.

Often hentai sex habits are associated with stress events in the past, with hypnosis you can explore your history and discover what events in your life are associated to your habits today.

Peggy celebrity porn tapes also spoke about 5-Path Banyan process as well as the 7-Path Self-Hypnosis and how people can benefit from these programs. We then spoke about past life regressions and how exploring these areas can help with issues that carry over from past lives to this life.

March 30th 2011

Michael Tsarion joined us on the show and spoke about how he started doing research at an early age by seeing the recurring symbol’s in magazines, television, movies & the music industry. He eventually went on to see the same symbolism in architecture everywhere.  Michael spent years in deep research, building up a collection of rare books. Michael also talks about being inspired by Joseph Campbell and incorporated Joseph’s TV interview series style into the making of his Origins & Oracles series.

Michael spoke about his interest in ancient megalithic structures and his views on Atlantis being in the Atlantic as well as it possibly being a lot older than people think. We spoke about ancient upheavals that lasted upwards to 7000 years and how that connects to the cyclical catastrophic events happening all through earth’s history. Michael spoke about the suppression of information in history and the age of manipulation and secret societies and the hidden matrix of control.

March 16th 2011

James Gilliland joined naked celebrities the show and spoke about how he at an early age he had a near death experience that expanded his consciousness, he eventually started a healing centre. One day while meditating, he experienced a contact with what he thought was a Master but ended up being a alien telepathically speaking to him. UFOs show up day and night over Mt Adams which is about 15 miles away from ECETI.

While James does workshops at ECETI light orbs appear in the area and are filmed. We also spoke about a regular participant at the ranch called Kan-San who has lost his whole family during the Japan earthquake and is currently searching for them. A link to a donation site to support Kan-San find his family has been placed on our site.
James celebrity sextapes also spoke about the Mapmakers who made a film about ECETI and how it will be available soon.

March 9th 2011

Elaine Douglas was on the show and talked about her 25+ year history in MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and how Robert Bigelow entered into a agreement to buy the files from MUFON and how the elite board members have been acting more like a dictatorship than a group of volunteers with the common purpose of collecting UFO reports and allowing the public to view them. Several State Directors who have spoken out about the “new Mufon” and their “Star Team” of UFO field investigators. Elaine spoke about the possibility that MUFON has now become just another intelligence agency asset. Elaine is calling for the MUFON members to stand up and change the direction MUFON is heading and is looking for people to sign a petition.

March 2nd 2011

Victor Viggiani was on the show and spoke about how he got involved in UFO research by reading a book by Jacques Vallee and eventually met Tom Theofanous and Errol Bruce Knapp and attending meetings at MUFON Ontario. Victor eventually moved into the area of exopolitics and why the governments of the world suppressed UFO information. Victor established zland communications that sends out press releases about the UFO discloser movement to 1400 news outlets. Victor has worked with Richard Syrett on the conspiracy show. Victor spoke about the Malmstrom AFB UFO Incident and the shutdown of nuclear missiles and the cover-up that happened after the event. Victor also spoke about how governments around the world dumping their UFO files into archives that anyone can view and how this is mostly just fluff files and the best cases are never seen by the public. It was a great discussion, full of information.

February celebrity sex videos 23rd 2011

Wade Frazier joined us and spoke about his involvement in the free energy field for many years, starting with his involvement in his teenage years with a friend who designed what was considered “The best engine”.

Early Cumshots on he got involved with Dennis Lee working on a Heat pump that would save 80% of the operating cost. Dennis & Wade then got involved in a free energy project that went extremely well  until the Department of Energy got involved and raided their  offices and stole all of their work.

During Wade’s time involved in trying to scale the ramparts of the free energy paradigm was a big lesson on how the world controllers manipulate the awareness of the masses about technologies that have existed for decades.

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