May 25th 2011


Mary Tocco joined us and spoke about the dangers of vaccines and how Mary got involved in Vaccine research. Mary started out researching all about vaccinations to be knowledgeable for her children. Mary decided that they would not be vaccinating their children and continued to do research on vaccine injury. Mary was asked to testify at the Michigan Health Policy when Michigan was trying to remove the philosophical right to refuse vaccinations; they defeated that bill and to this day Michigan had exemptions available for Parents that do not want to...


May 18th 2011

Vincent Bridges joined us and spoke about his adventures in Prague and living in Sir Edward Kelley’s house, tower and alchemical crypts that are now being renovated as a museum. New rooms & tunnels have been discovered in the crypts that have been sealed since the early 1600s. Victor spoke about the history of Edward Kelly in Prague as well as Prague itself being the center of magic and alchemy in history. Victor spoke about the mysteries surrounding the famous astronomical & alchemical clock in Prague and the mysterious deaths surrounding it in history.

Victor also spoke about the Rosicrucian’s & the Templar’s and the less well known Brother's of the Garland. It was a fascinating discussion about magic & mysteries in historical times.

May 11 2011

Wade Frazier was on the show and spoke about the free energy inventors; he spoke about the inventor Dennis Lee who created a heat pump that would save people 80% on their heating costs. He spoke about Browns Gas and its ability to transmute radioactive materials. Wade told about a friend of his who got an underground show involving technology 30 generations beyond what modern scientists are aware of today. Wade spoke about Sparky Sweets inventions and how he was working with something similar to the Casimir effect or a standing wave effect. Sparky actually mailed off his inventions to the big energy providers thinking they would come around to his way of thinking to provide everyone free energy for everyone. Sparky died later in the desert under suspicious circumstances.

Wade celebrity sex videos also spoke about other inventors and researchers like Brian O'Leary, Thomas Bearden, Thomas Townsend Brown, Adam Trombley and Buckminster Fuller.

May cartoon porn videos 4th 2011

Dr Brian O’Leary joined us and spoke about Free Energy & global transformation. Brian started out wanting to go to Space even before there was much of a space program. He trained as a scientist and took astronaut training and was chosen to go on the 1st manned Mars mission, that program was canceled, Brian moved on to researching alternative science like Consciousness, healing & Free energy.

He left Princeton and delved more deeply into free energy & consciousness studies. Over the years Brian has come across many free energy inventors & fellow researchers. Brian says alternative clean energy is a real thing; he has traveled all over the world investigating  the inventions to determine if they were in fact a valid invention that generated what was claimed by the inventors. Many times he has seen firsthand the reality of these devices.

Brian is very passionate about the fact that as a species we MUST release these technologies to the public and spoke about the long term suppression worldwide that has been occurring.

April 20 2011

Nick Begich Joined us today to talk about how he 1st got involved in HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) research. In the early days of HAARP not to many people were aware of what HAARP was, Nick along with Jeane Manning were instrumental in gathering over 300 source documents for his book “Angels Don't Play this HAARP”. Nick told us what HAARP can do in regards to taking out incoming missiles, or creating an EMP type effect taking out all electronics in a large area, which would include collateral damage.

Nick went on to talk about weather manipulation capacities of HAARP as well as a triggering of earthquakes over the horizon or the ability to dissipate tornados or even increase the size of a tornado. Nick spoke about eco-terrorism and the ability to attack other countries with geo-physical warfare and take no blame as well as make money by helping that country to rebuild.

Nick milfporn then spoke about the technologies of Mind Control and...


April 13th 2011

Frank Znidarsic joined us and spoke about today’s cold fusion research and new sources of energy. Frank told us about the history of Cold fusion and reports of it in the 1920s, later on a big discovery was made by Pons and Fleischman, the only problem was replication and other researchers not following the protocol. Frank told us that he got involved in the research around the time James Patterson was demonstrating his research in free energy technologies. Frank noticed that similar traits in the technology kept turning up in all the experiments.
Frank spoke about anti-gravity and how the new research in the fields of alternate energy may lead to new discoveries in anti-gravity. Frank told us about some breakthrough work being done today by Andrea Rossi's and Sergio Focardi and their Cold Fusion Reactor.

April 06 2011

Peggy Kelly-Davies joined the show hentai sex and spoke about Hypnosis and how everyone flips between the conscious and subconscious all the time. Peggy spoke how anyone who wants to be hypnotized and can follow instructions can be hypnotized to help them with any issues they want to deal with. Peggy mentioned that one of the purposes for the subconscious mind is to make us feel safe and happy so with hypnosis you can change the feeling of happiness associated with smoking or overeating to something else more beneficial.

Often naked celebrities habits are associated with stress events in the past, with hypnosis you can explore your history and discover what events in your life are associated to your habits today.

Peggy also spoke about 5-Path Banyan process as well as the 7-Path Self-Hypnosis and how people can benefit from these programs. We then spoke about past life regressions and how exploring these areas can help with issues that carry over from past lives to this life.

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