June 29th 2011


Michael Tellinger joined us and spoke about how he got into the research on the ancient history of humanity. In his book Slave Species of God Michael writes about the true origins of humankind in which he:

* draws clear and startling analogies between new discoveries in genetic engineering and ancient archaeological finds…
* highlights emerging scientific information overlooked in the past…
* unravels the Bible’s often obscure stories by linking these to their original forms in Sumerian...


June 22nd 2011

Peter Turrell who celebrity sextapes is the Director Millennium Institution joined the show to talk about the current problems with Nuclear power, he spoke about the long term dangers of the nuclear plants all over the world and how we have not needed them for decades. There have been numerous accidents with nuclear plants since the inception of nuclear power and the danger may not be worth the power we receive from the plants as there are other sources of energy we could tap into without the inherent danger that exists today with nuclear power.

We spoke about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and how if Chernobyl wasn’t a wakeup call then Fukushima should be. We spoke about inappropriate values and how our society puts greed & political lobbying above the harm done to the planet that will be a problem for generations to come.

June 15th 2011

Dr. Tyler Kokjohn joined us and spoke about his 14 years of research in the field of Alzheimer’s research and how the disease affects the brain. Right around the year 1999 it was thought within the Alzheimer’s research community they thought they had a cure, unfortunately the amazing results of the research on mice did not translate over to trials with humans.

It appears that Alzheimer’s disease is a good deal more complete than previously thought and may well have multiple dimensions than just Amyloid Cascade Hypothesis as the only culprit causing the disease. DR. Kokjohn spoke about a more holistic approach taken in the research, where multiple factors are taken into effect in the cause of Alzheimer’s. Tyler explained the difference between Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

June 8th 2011

Jeane Manning joined us to talk about her years of research into the field of alternative energy, over the years Jeane has met the leading inventors of alternative energy devices. Jeane realized that the possibility that this technology could be available to everyone was most defiantly being repressed by people who financially benefited by current technology as well as the military complex who wanted the technology for themselves, not to mention the political powers that be that needed society to remain in scarcity based consciousness so that the mass’s were easier to control.

We also spoke about the need for a new paradigm in the approach to the release of free energy devices; perhaps if free energy is ever to be available for everyone we need to move to more of an open source concept. If inventors continue to work within the old paradigm rules of the monetary system they are doomed to fail, just release the technology transparently and free for everyone.

Jeane’s new book Breakthrough Power is available here:  http://www.breakthroughpower.net/Home.html

June 1st 2011

Aaron Franz joined the show to talk about his new book called Revolve naked celebrities – Mans Scientific Rise to Godhood. We talked about Transhumanism and its meaning in the past being mans ability to use his scientific means to become better and how the later version evolved into Mans use of technology to create Human 2.0. We spoke about Eugenics and how that lines up with the Transhumanism. Aaron spoke about the Technological Singularity in regards to A.G.I Artificial General Intelligence, an A.G.I eventually gets so intelligent it reaches the level of human intelligence then it goes beyond that until it starts to self-improve which leads to exponential growth, at this point humanity is faced with a problem it either adapts itself artificially to keep up or it goes extinct. Aaron thinks that the majority of the Transhumanist concepts are not realistic and fall more into the science fiction realm. We also spoke about how TV & Movies have been inserting Eugenics & Transhumanism ideas into the general public awareness.

May cartoon porn videos 25th 2011

Mary Tocco joined us and spoke about the dangers of vaccines and how Mary got involved in Vaccine research. Mary started out researching all about vaccinations milf ass to be knowledgeable for her children. Mary decided that they would not be vaccinating their children and continued to do research on vaccine injury. Mary was asked to testify at the Michigan Health Policy when Michigan was trying to remove the philosophical right to refuse vaccinations; they defeated that bill and to this day Michigan had exemptions available for Parents that do not want to vaccinate their children.

Mary celebrity porn tube went on to speak about the increase in childhood vaccinations and its relationship to the increase in autism and neurological disorders. Every parent needs to be informed to make their own decisions on if they should vaccinate their children or not.

Mary lesbian hentai interviews Doctors on her radio show that are now speaking out against vaccinations as well as informing people about the ability of Parents to fill out a “Conscience” form to exempt their children from Vaccines.

May 18th 2011

Vincent Bridges joined us and spoke about his adventures in Prague and living in Sir Edward Kelley’s house, tower and alchemical crypts that are now being renovated as a museum. New rooms & tunnels have been discovered in the crypts that have been sealed since the early 1600s. Victor spoke about the history of Edward Kelly in Prague as well as Prague itself being the center of magic and alchemy in history. Victor spoke about the mysteries surrounding the famous astronomical & alchemical clock in Prague and the mysterious deaths surrounding it in history.

Victor celebrity nudes also spoke about the Rosicrucian’s & the Templar’s and the less well known Brother's of the Garland. It was a fascinating discussion about magic & mysteries in historical times.

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