August 10 2011


Dee Wallace joined the show and spoke about her life in acting, staring in movies like ET: The Extraterrestrial, Cujo, The Howling and 10. Dee spoke about her new book Bright Light spiritual lessons from a life in acting. Dee spoke about her life as being difficult and the spiritual lessons she learned by working through those difficulties. Dee found that her style of acting which was to just get out of the way consciously so that a character can flow through you, Dee realized that this was also an important lesson in life. Dee’s new book covers her life story and describes her realizations about getting out of your own way consciously and allowing your higher self shine through.

July 27th 2011

Frank Huguenard joined the show and spoke about his 2 films Beyond Me & Beyond Belief; both films were made with no help and no budget but turned out extremely well. His films covered controversial subjects like reincarnation, Jesus’s life before and after the cross in India& the importance of meditation.  Frank goes into detail about his experiences leading up to his practices in meditation and researching eastern writings about Jesus time traveling in the east.

Frank spoke about his research into the missing years of Jesus and how there is strong evidence that Jesus traveled in the east learning esoteric wisdom from all over the east. Frank also spoke about writings from the east that mentions Jesus after the crucifixion as well as a possible burial site in the Rozabal shrine in Srinagar.

Frank also spoke about his creation of a Frisbee game called Disc hoops which Frank calls The Most Exciting New Team Sport of the Past Century.

July 20th 2011

Michael Cremo joined the show cartoon porn and spoke about what got him interested in Human Origins, his father was an intelligence officer in the USAF and as a child Michael traveled a great deal with his family. Michael was exposed to allot of different cultures. While living in Germany Michael met fellow students who had traveled to India and was fascinated by their stories of Guru’s and Eastern teachers, Michael started doing research on Indian teachings and studied the Krishna outlook. Michael began to study the ancient Sanskrit writings, specifically the Puranas and found information on the extreme age of humans existing on earth.

Michael studied the original published early reports from Archeologists, Geologists and Paleontologists and was surprised to find evidence that humans like us have been present on Earth for Millions and Millions of years.

Michael also spoke about the knowledge filter that exists in the academic world and how the information in the original scientific literature has been filtered out of the high school & University textbooks. Michael then wrote a book called Forbidden Archeology to address this problem.

July 13th 2011

Stephen Bassett joined the show and spoke about the creation of the Paradigm Research Group in 1996 to pursue the political UFO/ ET issue; Stephen was the 1st person to register as a lobbyist with the United States Congress, since then the group has grown internationally. PRGs goals will be realized the United States or some other major political power confirms the reality of ET existence to the public.
Stephen spoke about the possibility for another Country other than United States to preemptively publically confirm the presence of the UFO/ issue.  Stephen also spoke about the enormous interest in the UFO/ET issue in Hollywood and the amount of TV shows and movies which in turn increases the public awareness of the issue.

Stephen told us about something he has recently started called “World Disclosure Day”, within 72 hours he had 1000 endorsements, World Discloser Day is the new Earth Day. Stephen chose July 8th as the Day because that’s the day in 1947 when...


July naked celebrities 6th 2011

Jason Gregory joined the show and spoke about his new book “Way of the Weirdo”. Jason was a writer in the alternative conspiracy movement and decided to go on a trip to the east. During his travels he went through some tough experiences that guided him to look within, Jason realized that there are so many factions of what the alternative community calls “Truth” that he felt the need to write something to draw all those factions together.
In 2 years Jason traveled to 14 countries. The people he met allowed Jason to redefine who he was as a human being relating to other humans, during long treks through the Himalaya’s Jason had time to look within and release veils of self identifications and drill down to the real self without labels. Jason decided to write a book about his reflections while traveling.

“Way of the Weirdo” is a book set out in a journey style atmosphere where you the reader need to make a choice in the search of your own existence. Unlike other books Way of the Weirdo goes into the true root cause of all our problems here on Earth, while uncovering what the symptoms of that disease are.

June 29th 2011

Michael Tellinger joined us and spoke about how he got into the research on the ancient history of humanity. In his book Slave celebrity porn tapes Species of God Michael nude celebrities writes about the true origins of humankind in which he:

* draws clear and startling analogies between new discoveries in genetic engineering and ancient archaeological finds…
* highlights emerging naked celebrities scientific information overlooked in the past…
* unravels the Bible’s often obscure stories by linking these to their original forms in Sumerian clay tablets and other prehistoric writings…
* provides explicit answers to why our modern world has become so senseless and chaotic by revealing the very secrets of our prehistory…

We hentai sex spoke about the gold connection in ancient history and the hidden reason for the mining of gold, not as a treasure to be admired but as a mono-atomic gold powder or liquid used as an elixir for spiritual growth and longevity. When native...


June 22nd 2011

Peter Turrell who is the Director Millennium Institution joined the show to talk about the current problems with Nuclear power, he spoke about the long term dangers of the nuclear plants all over the world and how we have not needed them for decades. There have been numerous accidents with nuclear plants since the inception of nuclear power and the danger may not be worth the power we receive from the plants as there are other sources of energy we could tap into without the inherent danger that exists today with nuclear power.

We spoke about Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster and how if Chernobyl wasn’t a wakeup call then Fukushima should be. We spoke about inappropriate values and how our society puts greed & political lobbying above the harm done to the planet that will be a problem for generations to come.

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