October 5th 2011


John Lear joined the show and told us about his lifelong interest in UFO’s and how his father William Lear (Lear Jet) was part of the US anti gravity program which was completed in 1956 with the help of Thomas Townsend brown and others.

John naked celebrities was also very interested in black projects in the 1970s; he investigated projects like the SR-71 and others, in 1980 John’s interest in UFOs flared up again and in 1985 John ran into a pilot friend of his who told John that he was present at the famous 1980 Bentwaters UFO case and that it was...


September 21st 2011

Stephen Sakellarios joined the show and spoke about his documentary "In Another Life - Reincarnation in America" and the synchronicities involved in the creation of the film, which were many.

Stephen interviewed a great deal of people for the making of the film who had stories of either spontaneously or hypnotically remembered past lives.

Stephen naked celebrities spoke about how birthmarks may be connected to past lives and mentioned that while researching reincarnation he has seen cases where the person has tracked down past lives and obtained pictures of the past life persons death and wounds on the pictures that correspond to birthmarks in this life.

Stephen told us about the how children up to the age of 7 can usually remember their past lives and how as we get over we overlay new experiences that diminish past life memories.

Stephen talked about his investigation into his own past life and how he used his emotions to guide his investigation while coming across information about his past life as a writer Mathew Franklin Whittier.

Stephen covered many areas of his investigation into evidence of reincarnation, it was a fascinating discussion.

Dr. Peter Glidden joined the show and spoke about the current state of the medical industry.  He explained about the history of the competing medical practices from what is known today as conventional medicine (allopathic) to Naturopathic Medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture and homeopathic.  Through a century long PR campaign (Flexner Report) allopathic medicine has managed to come out on top of the heap in the western world, relegating all other forms of healing to the back of the bus.

Peter described how medicine is big business and is not results driven but profit driven.  If conventional medicine were results driven chemotherapy should have been abolished a long time ago.   Why?  Because according to the results of an in-depth study taken over a period between 1990-2004, chemotherapy has been proven to be ineffective 97% of the time.  The results were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.  Dr. Glidden’s analogy that if Ford...


September 07 2011

Klaus Dona joined the show and spoke about how he first became interested in ancient artifacts and the alternative views on human history. Klaus spoke about out of place artifacts that point to a very ancient and advanced global civilization.

Klaus spoke about an artifact called “The World Stone” and how it is a large stone with engravings on it that match the contours of the continents as well as one more continent that no longer exists which may be a depiction of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Klaus told us about ancient megalithic structures that have been found around the world on land as well as underwater that have been researched as being over 12,000 years old.

Klaus also told about his research into ancient Giants humans and how skeletons have been found throughout history up to 24 feet tall and how the mainstream archeologists do not speak about these bones at all, there are hundreds of published reports in newspapers in the early...


August 24th 2011

Bill Chastain the Director of the APeX Institute joined the show last night and spoke about a revolutionary cancer treatment called APeX. Bill spoke about how he discovered APeX back many years ago when it was just called “stuff” and some Boeing engineers were using this “stuff” as a water purification and when they used it in a hot tub and there was some anecdotal observations of skin cancer clearing up, so it was then taken internally and more health benefits were observed. Bill talked about how APeX was then used as part of a Cancer study; people with cancer would send their medical records to APeX Institute while taking APeX daily and follow-up medical records would also be provided as time went on.

Bill celebrity sextapes spoke about the high cost of Cancer treatments including chemotherapy as well as operations. Over a 5 year study with APeX being taken internally by people with cancer there has been a large amount of data collected APeX institute showing positive...


August 17 2011

Mike Bara joined the show and spoke about Latina Porn his new book “The Choice”. Mike began speaking about how he has always been interested in the strange and unusual and how he eventually heard Richard Hoagland on the Art Bell show and then wrote some articles for Richard and went on to co-write a book with Richard called “Dark Mission”.

Mike mature ladies spoke about the hyperdimensional aspect of the universe and how everything spins which in turn pulls energy into the universe from higher spatial dimensions.

Mike toon porn has been interested in the Mayan perspective of 2012 and has puts forth his interpretation that 2012 is not so much about a specific time but more about a global decision on how to steer the future of Humanity. We all have the choice collectively move the human race into directions that are closer to freedom than dictatorship.

August nude celebrities 10 2011

Dee Wallace joined the show and spoke about her life in acting, staring in movies like ET: The Extraterrestrial, Cujo, The Howling and 10. Dee spoke about her new book Bright Light spiritual lessons from a life in acting. Dee spoke about her life as being difficult and the spiritual lessons she learned by working through those difficulties. Dee found that her style of acting which was to just get out of the way consciously so that a character can flow through you, Dee realized that this was also an important lesson in life. Dee’s new book covers her life story and describes her realizations about getting out of your own way consciously and allowing your higher self shine through.

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