December 14th 2011


Foster Gamble joined the show and spoke about his new documentary THRIVE, Foster spoke about one of his concerns was putting so much information in a short amount of time and still connect all the dots that needed to be connected. Foster felt that Thrive needed to be a comprehensive documentary.

Foster also spoke about his early childhood reflections that led him to look at the world in the way Thrive describes. Foster spoke about the people in his life that he has met all over the world that influenced his thinking and inspiring...


November 22 2011

Kevin Annett was in Brantford Ontario Canada helping the native Indians who lived there with efforts to excavate bodies of native children.  Spectrum Radio Network did things a bit different this interview and decided to drive out there and do an in person video interview.

It worked out very well, Kevin told us about the atrocities that have happened in the past to natives in the area as children and how they were denied their language & culture while being held in church schools, he went on to say there are many eye witness accounts of rape and murder at these schools which he referred to as internment camps for the Indians.

Kevin told us about how this outcry for justice is spreading all throughout the world and the demonstrations at the Vatican the last several years are growing exponentially as word gets out about the criminal behavior by the church against indigenous cultures all over the world.

We also spoke about...


November 16th 2011

Mack Maloney joined the show and spoke about his new book “UFO’s in Wartime - What They Didn’t Want You to Know” about UFO’s in connection to Wars in history, there does seem to be a connection with UFO sightings and armed conflicts.

Mack told us stories about UFO sightings dating back to 1909. He told us about a little known story about when the Red Baron shot down a UFO. Mack also mentions stories about MIB’s (Men in Black) going all the way back to the early 1900s.

Mack Maloney managed to gather obscure never before heard of UFO stories as well as some old favorites. One interesting thing about Mack Maloney brings to the UFO table is his knowledge of military history and gives detailed opinions as to why the military’s explanations for the sightings just do not make sense.

The stories were fascinating and this interview is a must listen for anyone interested in the subject of UFO’s.

In the beginning of the show we also have a special appearance by Stephen Bassett to get his response to the response of the Whitehouse to the UFO discloser petition.

November celebrity sextapes 9th 2011

William Bramley joined the show and spoke about how he got involved in research in ancient aliens and eventually wrote the book “The Gods of Eden”. William started out when he was in college learning sociology and explored the history of Wars, the study of human conflict lead him down some interesting roads like how religion has been responsible for a great deal of human conflict. Digging deeper into religion he found that ancient “Gods” seemed very non-Godlike in their commandments.

William Naked Girls also found in ancient writings from all over the world also spoke about the ancient Gods and their ability to fly, interfere with human development as well as division by keeping people fighting each other.

William also spoke about the Occupy Movement and how this seems to be a cyclical event throughout human history when the mass’s start to wake up and realize that struggle is not a natural thing in life but part of an engineered existence.

We toon porn continue to have a UFO presence around the world just as we continue to have these “Wake up” events that signal another cycle of control coming to an end and another one taking over.

November 2nd 2011

Lloyd Pye joined us and spoke about his new E-book “Intervention Theory Essentials” that has just been released. Lloyd’s new book covers a long term naked celebrities view from cosmology to the appearance of life on Earth to the present circumstances of life on Earth now. Lloyd’s new book is a radical look at how all life has been placed on earth by galactic terraformers from the very beginning of life on earth.

Lloyd told us about his research into hominoids creatures like Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, etc., found all over the world. He eventually found and read a book by Zecharia Sitchin “The 12th Planet” and made the connection between the hominoids and the Annunaki in Sumerian texts. Lloyd thought that the Annunaki actually genetically manipulated the hominoids with the addition of their own alien DNA to create the current version of Humility version 1.0.

Lloyd Pye is also known for his entertaining speaking style and amusing "Southernisms." His books include Everything you know is WrongStarchild Skull Essentials and the newly released Intervention Theory Essentials.

Lloyd free celeb sextapes Pye's Website:

October 26th 2011

Ben Stewart joined the show with Rob in the Pagé Family to talk about his new film UNGRIP. Ben said that there is an evolution of his art when it comes to his films from Esoteric Agenda, Kymatica and now UNGRIP and that as he grows as a person that growth is reflected in his Films. The film UNGRIP reflects a general worldwide feeling of individual & collective freedom now being shown all over the world in the Occupy movement.

Rob lesbian hentai Pagé spoke about how after Ben approached him to do a film talking about sovereignty and living Off Grid that he was at first excited then became apprehensive about the attention that such a project might bring, eventually Rob decided to complete his interviews with Ben and get this valuable information out to a...


October 19th 2011

Adam Trombly joined celebrity sex tapes the show and had so much information to impart that we broke it into two parts, aired Tuesday October 11th and again on Tuesday, October 18th.

Adam sexy milfs enthralled us with his vast knowledge and wisdom, adding fascinating anecdotes and tying it all up with not only his great skill of presentation, but his sense of humour, as well.

I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat as Adam spoke of his childhood and career, adding some hair-raising incidents that he had been through.

He speaks with passion and one can sense the joy in what he does and cannot help but get caught up in every word.  The scope of Adam’s knowledge in science was a little intimidating for someone like me, who appreciates and respects it, but is....okay, I’ll say it.....clueless.  But Adam has such an incredible way of explaining things that I sat spellbound; completely caught up in the zone right along with him.

So many, many thanks to Adam for taking the time out of his busy schedule to be on the show and we wish him continued success in the future.

Enjoy.  I certainly did.

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