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February 15th 2012

Richard Dolan joined the show and spoke about his book A.D After Discloser as well as a breakaway civilization. Richard went on to say that he does not hold to the theory that all unidentified flying objects are human made objects. Richard also spoke about possible objects on the moon.

Richard spoke about the secret space program as a set of projects that got away from governmental control and the corporate groups working with the technology have broken away from the technical progression that is happening across the planet in the mainstream corporate and university level of discovery. Simply put a breakaway civilization is so far above the rest of the planet that they have little in common with the rest of humanity.

Richard celebrity sex videos also spoke about his own 2 UFO sightings and how he felt the sighting itself was “for him”, this has been described by other UFO witness’s.

We also spoke about the long history of UFO’s in cave drawings &amp...


February 8th 2012

Dr. Peter Glidden was once again on our show as a follow up. This time we examined the use of pharmaceutical drugs in the mental health field. We also addressed mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, Attention Deficit disorder, schizophrenia and the like.

With his usual brilliant charisma and analogies, Dr. Glidden painted a detailed picture for the average person like myself to understand, which I very much appreciated. Sadly, it's a rather grim picture because it still utilizes allopathic medicine as opposed to holistic medicine. And it's the same in mental health as it is with treating the body. These conditions would benefit much more from natural holistic treatment stressing nutrition, minerals, etc than the heavy, toxin riddled (yes, I said it and I will take responsibility for it. Let's call a spade a spade, shall we?) prescription drugs.

Dr. Glidden provided some horrific examples as he led us through...


January 11th 2012

Tracy Twyman joined the show and spoke about her new research project and book Money grows on the tree of knowledge. Tracy told us about her interest in the occult at an early age and how she realised how prominent people in history have been influenced by the occult. Tracy said she then started a magazine called dagobert's revenge talking about exploring the idea of “Da Vinci Code”.

Tracy free celeb sextapes spoke about the occult symbology that exists in religious rites as well as Crowley’s work. We then spoke about Joseph Campbell and his series on Mythology as well as Carl Jung and his books.

Tracy went into great detail about the history of money and how the Templers used a system of Chits (later became Cheques) for travelers so they did not have to carry amounts of coins from place to place.

She told us about the evolution of the monetary system from ancient times to today.

It was a fascinating discussion I would highly recommend getting Tracy’s new book.

December 28th 2011

Dannion Brinkley joined the show on Tuesday, December 27 and what a show it was.  With eloquence and humour, Dannion painted a soothing picture of how it is not only possible, but logical to live without fear of what society in whole has been conditioned to think of as the state of “death”.   And this man knows what he is talking about.

Dannion spoke lovingly of his journey and subsequent path of helping Veterans as they lay ill or near their transition; which he has given thirty years of his love and dedication to.  As a former Marine, he knows what it is like in this way of life.

On a lighter note, Dannion’s quick wit poured through on other topics, such as UFO’s and I still crack up when I think of him stating that the only reason he would want to see a space ship would be so they could stop and let him drive it.  (He is an avid Nascar fan.)

It was fascinating to hear the pure logic and common sense however, when Dannion did...


December naked celebrities 21st 2011

Santos Bonacci joined the show and spoke about Law, Religion & Science, Santos has had a life long interest in freedom. Santos spent many years as a jahovah's witness and eventually figured out that it was just a corporate manipulation program.Santos read a book called "Secrets of the lost races that opened his eyes to a wider understanding about how previous civilizations were more advanced than what Romes conscientious view of history teaches the mass's.Santos then realized there were great scientific mind out in the world thinking beyond the mainstream viewpoint.

Santos celebrity sextapes spoke about the corruption within Religion and how he has been following Kevin Annett's research about the killing of Native Canadian children in history.
Santos told us about nude celebrities how countries are corporations and how secret societies and the Vatican have been working behind the scenes to control land and people.
Santos also spoke a Porn Stars great deal about...


December 21st 2011

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2. Craig Farraway - CraigTube - Home Brewing

3. Andrew D.  Basiago - Teleportation & Time Travel

4. Lloyd Pye anime hentai - Human Origins & Starchild Skull

5. Alan Steinfeld - Reflections in New...


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